The online tasks on this site have been developed by the Educational Research and Development Centre of Eszterházy Károly University to provide knowledge about the history and the workings of the Visegrad Group. The main target group of the tasks are students in secondary general and vocational education invited to participate in a national competition announced by the Educatioanl Authority.

The tasks cover the topic of the Congress of Visegrad, the formation of the Visegad Group, the events of V4 history, the structure, the workings and the projects of the cooperation. They also include curiosities and specific features.

To facilitate students’ learning process the contents – instead of being text based – are presented through online puzzles developed by LearningApps. To encourage further, more detailed study links for online resources on each of the topics covered are also provided below. These resources help to answer the questions on each of the themes, yet the practice tasks can be solved without any prior knowledge too as the right answers are also accessible in them.

Enjoy exploring the Visegrad Cooperation and its member states!