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Opening Conference of the SROP 4.1.2-B Project

Kedves látogató! Ön egy olyan tartalmat olvas, amelynek információi a megjelenés idején pontosak voltak, de mára már elavultak lehetnek!

The opening conference of the SROP 4.1.2-B project (national coordination and support for the reform of education degrees) was organised on the 29th May 2014, at the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology of the Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE).

The HIERD was also represented at the event, and our speakers presented the development goals of our Institute within the frames of this project together with speakers from the University.

The welcome speech was given by Dr. Krisztina Károly, professional director of the project of the ELTE. Dr. Barna Mezey, rector of the ELTE highlighted in his opening speech the role of ELTE in teacher education in Hungary, which could be further developed in the future by this project. Dr. István Klinghammer, secretary of state for higher education drew attention to the importance of the teaching profession by evoking thoughts of famous and respected teachers.

Dr. József Kaposi, director general of the Hungarian Institute for Educational Research and Development explained that the project has its history in the Institute, since it has been our highlighted goal for a long time to monitor changes in teacher education, to test first year students of education degrees and to conduct longitudinal research around this topic. Our objective within the frames of the SROP 4.1.2-B project is to collect such developments, research and best practices which have targeted teacher education in the last few years, and to create an open access research register from these data. Networking and continuous cooperation with teacher training centres is pivotal in this work. Our colleague Éva Bodnár, professional director of the project in the HIERD, highlighted this in her speech, and draw attention to the coordinating and harmonising role of our Institute in this program.

A honlapon található adatbázisban lévő tanulmányok, egyéb szellemi termékek, illetve szerzői művek (a továbbiakban: művek) jogtulajdonosa az Oktatáskutató és Fejlesztő Intézet. A jogtulajdonos egyértelmű forrásmegjelölés mellett felhasználást enged a művekkel kapcsolatban oktatási, tudományos, kulturális célból. A jogtulajdonos a művek elektronikus továbbhasznosítását előzetes írásbeli engedélyéhez köti. A jogtulajdonos a művekkel kapcsolatos anyagi haszonszerzést kifejezetten megtiltja.