Ludas Viktor | 2014. már. 10.

The four days of BETT were organized for the thirtieth time this year, in London, from the 21st of January until the 25th. BETT is the leading exhibition in the whole world in the field of education technology. Its aim is to exhibit innovations in information technology and digital devices that can be used in education.

The main target audiences of the Show are teachers and principals, who can browse through thousands of modern, practical, user friendly applications, softwares and devices. In addition to visiting the exhibitors, participants could join in lecture series, which were organized this year around the topics of higher education, workplace training, public education and special education, all linked to the digital world.

The first BETT was held in 1985, and it has attracted tens of thousands of visitors every year ever since. This year’s Bett was opened with the welcome note of the Rt Hon Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Education, in which he went into details about the new computing curriculum in Britain. The main change in the curriculum is a shift in focus: instead of teaching pupils how to use a computer, they will be taught programming. Then Xavier Prats Monné, Deputy-Director General of the Directorate General for Education and Culture of the European Commission talked about the role of the EU in supporting innovation in education.

Many lectures focused on the novelties necessitated y the educational reform in Britain, and also on the use of digital devices. Topics such as teaching computer programming, the use of tablets and interactive whiteboards in the classroom, and applications supporting lesson planning, essay writing, geometrical design were highlighted.

Hungarian exhibitors of the 2014 BETT Show were Intellisense, i-Doctum (Balázs Diák), Mozaik (mozaBook), E-Animations Corpration and Designsoft. For further information please visit


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